we believe that living is an art, that finding inspiration and beauty in the moments that make up our lives, let us remember that there is nothing better than making time for the things and people that matter most and that capturing the smallest moments truly do make the best memories.

cultivating the art
of wholeness
& living beautifully

about us


My creative discoveries have led me to a unique kind of medicine I offer the world, which I like to call SheArt or 
The Art of Wholeness.

As medical doctor and artist I integrate my knowledge of the body, medicine, art, mythology, and creativity to create a body of work, which includes sculpture, ceramic art, writing and photography to demonstrate the beauty inherent in the healing process, and the evolution from brokenness to wholeness.

Lynette Steele:  "I am a medical doctor who has moved away from treating disease to understanding that true health is all about “wholeness”. As an artist I create with an understanding of the underlying harmony and beauty of the body which also inspires me to envision the SheArt artisan range of products."

"I am a graphic design student bringing my creative touch to the look and feel of SheArt. My style is classic simplicity or “less is more." 

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the birth of SheArt in a sculpture garden