Jul 20

life is beautiful

Let’s stop for a moment and ask ourselves if there might be another way.

A new way that is available to all of us, but mostly hidden and therefore only available to those who seek with an open heart. This way is described as The Medicine Way in the Navajo tradition:

Let Light enfold me

That my inward eye may see clearly

The Path that lies ahead.

Let my mind be opened up

That I may recognize

The signposts along the Way.

Grant me the wisdom

That comes from understanding

The true from the false.

And guide my steps

So that should I falter or stumble,

Tripped by former beliefs

That blind me still

I may go forward with courage

And with the determination

Which persistence bears.

Let me be embraced

With the Love by which

The whole Creation is moved.

The very Essence with which

All things are held together

Dependent yet independent,

Whole yet individuated.

In which all are my relatives.

Let me know the way

That is the Beauty Way

The beautiful way

Where all who will

May Walk in Beauty

And where the end of the Path

Is but a new beginning

To my infinity.

And every new beginning

Another ever-present moment

In Eternity

This Beauty Way becomes available to all of us is when we seek connection with life from an open heart, when we learn to listen from the heart, to speak from the heart, and to allow the heart space to open in mutual receptivity, to really receive one another.

This way provides a golden thread of connection and remembrance that has been handed to us from way back, when the feminine heart of creation was alive and strong. This ancient knowing and inspiration comes alive when we weave words and art together in new creations.

The gift of creativity and art is that it can act as a guide through the literal and figurative labyrinths of life to lead us back to the centre of ourselves, the core of our being, in order to re-connect us to a deeper truth and beauty that heals and empowers. Only then do we become the unique thread in the greater design of creation, shining forth in brilliance and beauty.

Therefore, each creative act is a sacred journey of leaving the old sense of self behind to discover and embody a new truth. Making art is a journey of body and soul transformation, of healing on the deepest level, and of clearing away what might be holding us back or keeping us stuck in old and outdated patterns. It is a way of not only giving birth to something new, but also leaving behind previous moulds of conditioning.

In the creative act, new visions are born and new stories are told, as the poem, the sculpture and the painting take form to make visible a new story that humanity is yearning for. We are living in a time of deep transformation and healing, and there is something else for all of us to remember now. This moment wants nothing more, and nothing less, than for us to discover new truths for ourselves.

This journey of remembering will bring with it a greater awareness, an ever-expanding sense of self that demands courage from us, but also leads to more courage, strength and deep connection to that which is contained within us, and to that, which has been deeply buried in the recesses of our shared humanity.

There is another way to live in this world – a world where beauty reigns, where another truth resides.

When we lean inwards and become attuned to the greater truth of life’s deep harmony, interconnectedness, order and beauty, a new space opens up. It is a space that feels like home – a new, but somehow familiar space that has been there all along. We find a sense of belonging that allows for us to be more of who we are, to trust more in the process of life, and to discover new ways of learning, living and loving. Then life finds a way to work naturally through us, and with us, for the greater good.

Finding this connection within the soft folds of your inner being, leaves you breathless and in awe.

This space within is the source of all creation from where new life arises.

This is your home where truth resides.

 When you return to this place, you will come alive.

And beauty can lead you there.


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